Alisha Dar is a photographer whose creative output explores contributions made by the Pakistani diaspora within the United Kingdom in how they have had an impact on British culture through the unravelling generations.
Dar’s work manifests itself in the form of two specific photographic mediums, documentary and portraiture. These two styles are used to present the untold stories of Pakistani women and how their journeys form an integral part of present-day multicultural Britain. Identity, heritage, femininity and personal narratives are all themes that form the bedrock of Alisha’s work to fully understand the place of the Islamic South Asian woman in our society.
Independently of her projects, Dar has worked largely within the music industry to assist labels and artists in realising their creative visions whether undertaking promotional shoots; photography for album artwork; magazine content and general marketing material.
Dar has exhibited works from her project ‘Solemn Verses’ as part of the ‘S2AU x Sixteen’ exhibition held at Photo Fusion's gallery among other exhibitions that are outlined in Dar’s artist CV.


BA - (Hons) in Photography, Middlesex University, 2020.


MDX BA Photography Graduate Exhibiton - LUCID

S2AU x Sixteen - Photofusion London - 7/2/20 - 19/3/20

Damage Is Done - Take Courage Gallery -  22/11/19

They Came Before Us -The Truman Brewery - 2/11/19 - 5/11/19

Affinities - Four Corners Gallery - 9/5/19 - 11/5/19

Lamesfest - The Depot Upper Clapton  - 19/5/17 - 20/5/17

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